The room was dark and cold, I thought. Everything seemed to be either black or gray, my life wasn’t colorful then. The crying was hopeless and surrounding, everyone was crying, I was crying. This was a sad and scary place, full of night terrors that shake me awake. I didn’t want to be here and I didn’t want my friends to be here either. Sometimes someone would come and take one of my friends away and I would never see them again; I didn’t know if this was a blessing for them or not, but it always brought an onslaught of more crying. I yearned to be outside, out of this cell-like state. And then you came along, and everything just seemed so much better. The darkness faded and you took me home, it was like I could see colors now. I still don’t know what happened to those friends of mine, but I have opportunities to make new friends now, they just live across the way. You saved me, human of mine. Thank you for getting me out of that cage. Sincerely yours, Dog.

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